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Over the years it has been my pleasure to help literally dozens of new builders get through their projects. As I grow, so does my work load and I am just one guy. Many times I find myself answering the same questions or addressing the same comments many times over. You can help by submitting your question or comment to the right place.

If you have a general boat building question about either one of my excellent boats or someone else's, I will be glad to help when I can. Please however, submit general boat-building questions to my message board. First off this lets me address more folks at once with my answers and many times other friends and builders weigh in too. I am certainly not the last authority in this quickly evolving industry.

If you are considering buying a kit, a plan, or a completed boat from and you have some questions, you should contact me directly through this form and I will get right back with you, usually the same day.

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If you just want to write and tell me how wonderful, smart, and great me and my little boats are you should sign my Guestbook. Of course if you just want to tell me what an idiot I am you can do that too.


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